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Educational Programs Update

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Subject: Best Practices and Solutions for Combating Emerging Cyber Threats
Speaker(s): Rashaad Bajwa / Domain Computer Services
Christopher Zegers /CIO at Lowenstein Sandler
Peter Castillo / ACE (Chubb) Insurance
A Law Enforcement Representative

Description: A panel of experts on the hot subject of “Cyber Security Threats”. The panel consists of outside IT experts, Law firm computer personnel, Cyber Security Insurance Underwriters and lastly, a law enforcement representative.

Date: Tuesday, March 14,, 2017
Subject: The Gift of GAB: Goals, Attitude, Behavior
Speaker(s): Connor Cunneen

Description: Just in time for St. Patrick ’s Day, Connor is a humorist motivational speaker. Connor shows that everyone can adopt and adapt the Gift of GAB to create an excellent environment and improved workplace. Should be a very fun evening.

Date: Wednesday, April 12,, 2017
Subject: Creating an Empowered and Empowering Environment
Speaker(s): Jennifer Hill

Description: Jennifer is going to take us through the steps of creating an empowering environment and recognizing the obstacles and pitfalls when creating one. She will also show us how to overcome the “Drama Triangle”.

Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 (The Manor)
Subject: Current Issues, Trends and the Challenges Facing Today’s Law Firms…And What They’re Doing about It!
Speaker(s): John Remsen

Description: John is a leading consultant to the legal industry. Many of us have seen him speak. It seemed very appropriate to bring him back for our Managing Partner Night. Subject matter will be a good draw for partners and will also qualify for CLE credit.