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NJALA Newsletter

Jer-Z-Journal is published quarterly to provide information for the education and benefit of legal administrators, managing partners, corporate law departments, as well as those interested in law firm management. The New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators (NJALA) is not engaged in rendering legal, financial or tax counseling through this publication. No statement in this newsletter should be interpreted as legal, financial or tax advice.

Jer-Z-Journal Article Submissions
Email the Jer-Z-Journal Editor, Elyssa Goldstein if you wish to submit an article for publication.

Volume 4, 2017
August Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 3, 2017
June Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 2, 2017
April Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 1, 2017
February Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 5, 2016
December Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 4, 2016
October Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 3, 2016
August Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 2, 2016
June Jer-Z-Journal

Volume 1, 2016
Law Firms in Transition
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Volume 4, 2015
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Volume 3, 2015
Conference Edition
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Volume 2, 2015
Who Is Your Hero?
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Volume 1, 2015
It’s All About the Statistics
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Volume 4, 2014
It’s All About Compensation
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Volume 3, 2014
It’s All About The Clients – Special Conference Edition
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Special Edition
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Volume 2, 2014
Bright Idea – It’s All About Innovation
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Volume 1, 2014
It’s All About The People
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Volume 4, 2013
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Summer/Fall 2013
Lending A Hand
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Spring/Summer 2013
2013 ALA Conference Edition
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Winter/Spring 2013
When Disaster Strikes: Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy
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Fall/Winter 2012
The Art of Leadership
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Summer/Fall 2012
Going for the Gold
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Archive issues of Jer-Z-Journal